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You Snooze, You Lose… Actually this time, It’s a Win!

You snooze you lose

Ahhh sleep, what a magnificent, wonderful thing we have been given. There is nothing like waking up from a good night’s rest. You know, one of those really great, deep nights of sleep.

Wait, what did you just say?

Your snoring is keeping you from getting that glorious sleep that you long for so deeply. Well, let me tell you, I have got some great news. Your snoring problems can actually be fixed with certain dental appliances.

I know, crazy right?

So, let’s dive in a little bit into this crazy cool concept that will help you get your good ol’ sleep back.

Contrary to what most people believe, snoring doesn’t actually originate from the nose. It is caused by resistance or constriction in the upper airway, which starts behind the tongue. Your muscles that keep this airway open should be relaxed when you sleep, but if they aren’t that’s going to result in snoring.

Your muscles are most relaxed when you’re in dream sleep, or REM sleep, which is why you probably feel the best after a really great, deep sleep like this. Your body is super relaxed and having a great time in that dream world, so that’s exactly what we’re striving for here. If they aren’t relaxed, you can imagine that the airway is becoming smaller and the soft tissues in the back of the throat will begin to vibrate… aka snoring.

Snoring Diagram

Alright, so now we can get into what dental appliances will help rid you of this annoying sleep-disrupting condition!

There are a few different types of snoring devices that work a little differently to get to the same goal. The most important thing when choosing a device is your own comfort or honestly, that defeats the purpose of one in the first place! There are two popular options that I am going to give you the low-down on now.

MADs aka Mandibular Advancement Devices:

If you know anything about the bones in the body, I bet you can guess that this one is named after the mandible aka jaw bone. Pretty clever naming, I know. Anyways, this device shifts the jaw slightly forward so that it will create a bigger separation between these vibrating tissues in the throat. In turn, it will make your night much more peaceful because your snoring will be almost completely gone!

TSDs aka Tongue Stabilizing Devices:

Next, we’ve got the good ol’ tongue stabilizers. This doesn’t move the jaw forward, but it actually is focused primarily on the tongue, if you could guess by the name. It pulls the tongue forward and creates a clear airway to the back of the throat. It can reduce and eliminate snoring altogether, and it is usually pretty comfortable. This could be a better option for you if you already suffer from TMJ or any other jaw discomfort.


Alright guys, well there you have it. I know, I have just saved your sleep schedule. You can thank me by calling Parklane Dental to figure out the best option and treatment plan for you and your snoring problems. They’ll be able to lead you through the whole process and give you a great solution.